did the rocks feet hit the ground first?


par Mohaned

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Big show says that he won the rumble match

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still in the record books the rock one sooooooooo
Par oozydaddy il y a 7 ans
Yea im sure it looks that way to the rock's fans but its not true. I love the rock juss as much as the next person but fair is fair.
Par Shanetta Francis il y a 7 ans
yo mohaned is right the rock did win the match the big show is a roody pooh candy ass jabroni
Par The Great One il y a 7 ans
the guy cant win juss becuz u like him. u have to look at it fairly and if u do u will see that big show was right.
Par Shanetta Francis il y a 7 ans
its here on dailymotion search in ronin0508 videos and u will find it i think so
Par Mohaned il y a 7 ans
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