The Nation Interviews Stephen


by Peter

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Thanks to all who helped make this a fun video.


Nice :)
I don't think you spent enough on set props.
By Vasily Zaitsev 6 years ago
Cool! I think you guys managed to get a lot out of that interview.
Hey, main interviewer, has anyone ever mentioned that you look a bit like Jason O'Mara? Only you're a better actor. (I'm not still bitter about the American remake of Life on Mars. Really!)
By Culf 6 years ago
OOh, it's me! *points* lol awesome job Peter!
By Kristin 8 years ago
You were great, Tracey! All of you were great.
I love all your reactions.
And I wish I could have been part of it.
On behalf of myself, I'd like to thank you. :)
By Colbertine 8 years ago
OMG!! That was awesome, you guys!!!
By Rikimae 8 years ago
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