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    K. Michelle Says Her Musical Will Top 'Trapped In The Closet', Joe Talks R. Kelly



    Watch out R Kelly! K. Michelle is producing a musical that she describes as a "female 'Trapped in the Closet'" and is even saying that it will be better than "Trapped in a Closet" itself.

    "He might feel some type of way because mine is better than his," the V.S.O.P. singer told HipHollywood before getting on stage at her Lexus Versus and Flow performance Tuesday night.

    But while K Michelle may be coming at R. Kelly's coveted spot as an "RnB Opera" producer, singer Joe looks like he is mending ties with the "Pied Piper of RnB."

    In a recent radio interview, Joe explained that at one point, Kelly had tried to sabotage his career by telling radio stations and shows that if they supported Joe, he would not make appearances on their shows.

    Find out what K. Michelle and Joe have to say about Kells!