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    Xcorps MIG21 DIRECTORS cut


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    Stuart Edmondson

    by Stuart Edmondson

    Xcorps Action Sports Show #29.)"MIG-21"-Directors Cut-The Xcorps goes ballistic in this special supersonic episode featuring host Jason Lazo strapping into a Russian MIG-21 combat jet fighter, host Rat Sult unleashing his new 500HP desert sand rod all powered by music from 4 new rocking bands!
    The show opens from Stead Air Field near Reno Nevada where host Jason Lazo is walking the line at Mig Alley- called this because of the nest of Russian jet fighter aircraft parked there. It’s all about high performance on the Xcorps with Jason looking Top Gun sitting in the original 70s era Mach 2.3 cockpit. The Russian plane is known for its very high performance and terror factor to U.S. fighter pilots!
    Segment one warms up with some close up shots of the Red Star Squadron jet and some pre-flight briefing by X Rocket pilot Bob Ray who coaches Jason on the finer points of ejection seat etiquette. If the engine quits its time to leave-fast- since the plane nose-dives like a lawn dart without power! Jason checks out the thin wings and BIG engine, which jams the jet over 1300 mph wide open! Music by Downtown Records new band Eagles of Death Metal jamming their song -Just Nineteen- keeping the pace. Check out the original aqua-green cockpit interior devoid of any fancy gadgets or electronics- a true high performance pilots airplane. Killer on board video and sounds of Xcorps Jason Lazo and pilot Bob Ray shot by mini DV cams as the plane taxis and launches off the runway. No punches were pulled during full test flight maneuvers including 5G turns, 4-point barrel rolls and inverted loops with full afterburner. Fun way to burn 500 gallons of gas in less than 45 minutes-only on The Xcorps!
    After the landing see Jasons new look and what pilot Billy Bob Ray thinks of our Xcorps host! Great sound bytes from Top Gun J and what he compares the combat style speed ride to!
    See the action-Hear the Music-Join the Xcorps! J.S.Edmondson 5/06 Trt-29:30 Closed Captioned ©2007 The Xcorps