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    The adventure of a Hippie

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    von Raihansmeyer

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    The adventures of a Hippie in the Pesch castle in Meerbusch. The film shows the wild 70th to impressionful way, like dream and reality of Pot. The action is spontaneous and without film script. The film give those independence and experiment joy to time again. To interpret andist surely also as time document. Me or also articles emerge as in a surrealen dream. Disappear again and rear-let a maintenance seed to merry impression. The film touches the range slapstick and brings the spectator again and again to the laughter. The Adventure of a Hippie in the schloss Pesch Castle in meerbusch Germany 1977
    Hippie Film from the 70th show in a funny way how phantastic pot can be - so you enjoy the bicycle drives with and without driver - . also you find a idea of the 70th Love , Peace ,subculture and underground movement in Germany. Very Spontanic and easy going art comedy and experimental Movie in a independent hippie way. Europe Germany Düsseldorf Meerbusch 70th
    Regie Rainer Hansmeyer
    Actor Hubert Delmes
    Actor Michael Jäger
    Actor Heidi Pahlke
    Music Thomas Lipke