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    by bluemood

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    An AU Kim/Tommy/Kat video.

    Story: Kat meets Tommy and asks him on a date, but Tommy refuses because he has a girlfriend. However, Kat later leaves him a note to meet her for dinner and he decides to go. First Kat is content with what she has with Tommy but after seeing Tommy and Kim together she decides she wants more. Finally, Kat goes to visit Kimberly and tells her what is really going on between Tommy/Kat. Angry, Kimberly confronts Tommy. Tommy, realizing how much Kim means to him, breaks things off with Kat when she comes to find him. As Tommy is breaking things off with Kat a distracted Kimberly steps onto the balance beam...

    The song is "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" by Underoath.