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    Hey Jealousy


    by DoubleL27

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    Laura, I told you this on the board but I'll say it again. This video is really awesome. You know, when I make videos, I try to go for more ballad-y type love songs, but this song, I think, fits Eman more than any other song I can think of at the moment.

    And how you've timed out the clips illistrates that even more.

    Not to mention that the Gin Blossoms completely rock. There is nothing like classic 90's greatness.

    You mixed a great band with a great couple and great clips to make an equally great video. It's one of my favs!
    By Amber9 years ago
    I really love this video, Laura. I think you do a great job of editing. I also think you worked in old Eman clips vert well. And it DOES look so much better on high res.
    By bluemood9 years ago