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    LORE -- Diablo 3 Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    Nika Harper is here with your Diablo 3 Lore!
    Voiced by Nika Harper:
    Animated by Animotionism:
    Written by Clara


    For thousands of years, angels and demons waged war over the possession of the Worldstone, an artifact that could alter reality. But there were those who grew tired of fighting and banded together with Mephisto's daughter Lilith and the angel Inarius who took the Worldstone and used it to create Sanctuary. Angels and demons started hooking up, begetting the crossbred Nephalem who had the potential to become greater than either of their parents which prompted Inarius to declare that they be exterminated.

    Lilith killed the other angels and demons to prevent Inarius from destroying the Nephalem and was banished to the Void by her lover. Inarius then used the Worldstone to weaken the Nephalem over the generations until they became mere mortals.

    Human sorcerers eventually made contact with the demon world, alerting their existence to the three prime evils, leading to the Sin War and their eventual exile to Sanctuary. The Archangel Tyrael formed an order of mortals called the Horadrim to contain the three, but the Prime Evils corrupted their soulstone imprisonment.

    Now, twenty years after the destruction of the Worldstone, Deckard Cain is nearly obliterated when a star crashes into the Tristram Cathedral. As the battle between Heaven and Hell rages on, you must investigate the fallen star while battling evil, looting corpses, and skipping dialogue... so you can loot faster!

    Have fun!


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