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    Classic Game Room - MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Tiger LCD Handheld Review


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    I want to get upset at this review as this game, as well as many of the Tiger LCD games, were a big part of my childhood, but I know it's bad. But when you are a kid and it's all you had they were the best. I still have my MMPR and Double Dragon games in a plastic bag in the basement with all my other LCD games.

    I do want to point out to Marc that the Tiger LCD games are a big steep ahead of the old LED football and baseball games of the late 70's/early 80s. If you compare those to the GameBoy they are going to look like ass too.

    @Imthedoctorzx2 : Yellow Ranger was a dude in Japan. That is why he/she doesn't have a skirt like the Pink Ranger does.
    By Gumbyx842 years ago
    As a kid growing up in the 80s before Gameboy came along I and many other kids would have Tiger handhelds. My personal favorites were Tiger Baseball,Football,Pinball Castlevania II etc. I would love to see a lineup of classes Tiger & Radioshack/Tandy lcd games on 3DS virtual console.
    By megacide842 years ago
    This is like an old Nokia phone game in a portable console. Nokia games aren't this bad though
    By Bhowser512 years ago
    pink ranger is a dude in japan
    By Imthedoctorzx22 years ago
    I had the Simpsons Tiger Electronics handheld. :) It was OK.
    By MotionRide2 years ago
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