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    Netexplo, an exclusive preview of tomorrow’s society

    Every year Netexplo spots more than 500 emerging uses of technology that are shaping tomorrow’s society worldwide. A society where digital tech is more and more integrated and individuals are more and more connected. Netexplo focuses on new approaches to every aspect of civilisation, from learning, caring and communicating to working, governing and trading.

    Netexplo, digital innovations from the whole world

    Digital isn’t limited to Silicon Valley. Netexplo’s mission is to reveal the most innovative projects from every continent, including inspirational initiatives from the BRICs, the markets with the greatest growth opportunities for businesses. Come and see new faces of digital tech from unexpected countries.

    Netexplo, new applications for your business

    Only 2% of the world’s companies are digital natives. Designed for the 98% that aren’t, Netexplo gives them an international, open digital culture. The innovations it reveals shed light on your own enterprise and its future markets and competitors. Netexplo is a source of inspiration for your business as it addresses its own digital revolution.

    UNESCO supports the Netexplo Forum