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    Miina...My Number One Maiku

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    Anime: Onegai Twins
    Music: Helena Paparizou - My Number One (from Nikoru Takashi)
    Creator: Black_Pearl_Rainne (a.k.a. Lynna-Chan) ^^;;

    Plz. give the credits to Nikoru Takashi even though I did this but I'm especially thanks to him bcuz he give me materials to made this ^^;; The footage and song are most important ^^;; so I would say Thanks for his kindness :>P

    It's almost whole day I edit this bcuz I have to watch Onegai Twins before I edit ^^;; it's really funny but mostly I love the Onegai Teacher :>P Until then to all my friends; rate and comment this newest AMV I made ^^;;

    Domo arigatou gosai mas~!..... Onegai shimasu~! commentou ^^;;