The Illuminati and New World Order

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by Tony

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A brief introduction to the hidden rulers of the world. The Illuminati and their plan for A New World Order.

The Soundtrack is The Matrix Theme by Crystal Method.

Looks at The Freemasons, JFK, Symbology, 911 and Satanic Leaders.


Hello, i am a christian.....Do you think the christianity is a religion of the new world order? ( Not the catholicism, the christianity..........) u can see anyway a signs of this new wolrd order in the bible!( or a thing like that)

Can you tell me where u find the song? ( You have the full version, all people using that song , but dont use completly, they stopping in the middle :( i want THAT song for my new video i will make! soon) :) Sorry for my english.
By GzusFreak 5 years ago
i'm sad for the 2 towers !!!! :s
By laurane monfort 7 years ago
i love the song
By laurane monfort 7 years ago
I think this verges a little bit on bubblegum pop for my liking - and the written information flashes up too quickly; this gives weight to the idea that the images have merely been selected by the author with little regard for their inherent relevence.
I'm not questioning whoever-made-its motivation - that is good, however I think there's a danger a) of things being trivialised if you give a snapshot account where linking things where some of those thngs are tenuous, for the sake of impact and b) can seem like a movie. I fyou are seeking to look beyond the matrix, then I thin you really have to start at the grass roots, then put your film together with the caveat that this is based on your research.
By druglog 7 years ago
i dont know wats scary that it could be tru or that im startin to believe a little
By nhassan 8 years ago