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    Crazy Hit and Run - Taiwan


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    The person in the red car was caught. It was in the morning. Early before the accident, the red car driver(30 years old Mr Chen) and the mini cooper driver had some car accident and the red car driver drove away from the accident site. The mini cooper chased the red car and the red car did not want to get pulled over so speed up. The red car driver ran over several red light and hit four cars in the process. The red car was not able to make a full turn, then the scary moment happened. There are three injuries. The mother and one daughter and one son. The son and mother received minor injuries. (College age son and 48 years old mother) The daughter received more serious injuries.(High school age) There is internal bleeding in her head. Currently in ICU. The Blood Alcohol Test for the red car driver was high. Not 100% on this, but pretty sure there were 3 people on the scooter that got hit. The mother. The super son. And a smaller daughter that was sitting between the mother's legs. The daughter has a serious head injury.

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