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    Top 4 Tech Stories of the Day


    by Wochit

    Samsung and LG are apparently getting ready for a smartphone display war this summer, with both companies expected to launch handsets with 2K displays in the coming months, including the Galaxy S5 and the G3. The Korea Herald has learned from a source at Samsung that the original Galaxy S5 was supposed to pack a higher-definition display, but the feature was ultimately scraped because of its cost. The source said, “Samsung Electronics was supposed to use a QHD display for its Galaxy S5, but it failed due to the high cost."
    Following Edward Snowden's PRISM leaks last year, companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft sought to distance themselves from the NSA and claimed to be
    unaware of some government surveillance activities. And while we've seen companies demand greater transparency from the NSA, that doesn't mean backdoor discussions about security haven't been going on as well. Consider this, for instance: Email communications obtained by Al Jazeera show that Google execs such as Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin have cooperated with the NSA on issues such as "mobility threats" as far back as 2012, before Snowden revealed information about the government's capabilities for spying on Americans' online activities.
    We've heard plenty of rumors about a more compact version of Microsoft's Surface tablet, and we might see the final product soon. The Seattle hardware giant has sent out invites for a Surface-based event on May 20, where the purported Surface Mini could make its first official appearance. The tablets potential reveal is hinted at in the invite itself, which reads "Join us for a small gathering." The May 20 event lines up with a previous rumor we heard pointing to a Spring 2014 release date for the miniature Surface.
    Sony sure knows how to dangle a carrot in front of its customers. In a not-so-subtle use of music industry clout to drive its technology business, the company is offering access to five tunes from Michael Jackson's newest album Xscape. The offer is being made on its Music Unlimited streaming service days before the album's official debut (May 13th in the US). Meanwhile, iTunes and other services are getting one early song at best.