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    Clip "Ride on the River" [VOST] - PokerStars Rap


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    Découvrez enfin le clip de Ride on the River sous-titré pour vous permettre de saisir toutes les références de Nick Javas dans ce rap qui célèbre les 10 ans de l'EPT!

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    As I set forth on this journey, may the Gods of this game continue to bless me with the gifts of good fortune. I ask that you grant me the power to hold my ego at bay in the face of adversity, the strength to choose patience over greed, and a trustworthy gut that knows when to lay down and when to fight. Once that decision is made, I leave my fate in your hands. I have faith that you'll be there to guide me along this ride on the river.

    Check Check...Raise Hell
    Bet call those an-gels...Better know that range well
    So we meet again, EPT Season 10
    Barcelona, first stop...Back in the home of the first flop

    When Stevic would get in the record book out of the gate, original champion
    Not far behind risin...currently king of the cash in
    Luca...Pagano...Huge bucks...broncos
    Still no title yet (not yet)...Never know, he might be next

    Antonius a day late by the time he got in
    Started at the bottom, Finnish on the top in Baden
    I'm thinkin Johnny Lodden's ridin' right there on the brink
    Of his first EPT win, but what does Johnny think?

    Ivey widely regarded as the greatest on the scene
    Still no number 1, but number 2 in season 3
    At chips end by Big Ben the big story was
    Victory for Vic Coren at Victoria

    Season 4 we saw 2 new cities on the tour
    Expanded that casino, PCA and San Remo
    Elky earned a new moniker, by the quick way that those chips came
    Mr. PCA...leading the way...and heyyy...a new nickname

    First time in San Remo victory would go to Jay Mercy
    First time on the live circuit, worthy of that first seed
    Got it again in a year, way to begin a career
    The only difference here, now the original high roller title holder, COME ON!

    Ride on the river...on the river
    Ridin' high on the river...on the river
    Live and die on the river...on the river
    No surprise on the river, you can cry me a river

    In Germany, McDonald only 18...years old
    Maybe grinning silver, but that baby's winnin gold!
    Nearly got that win again in Dortmund Season 5
    Path blocked by a Black Mamba, only she survived

    Season 6, make a LIV-ing with the chips
    Twelve hundred and forty...fell short, except Boeree
    Super High Rollers, need a hundred K to play
    Katchalov would go snatch it all in the first at PCA

    Monte Carlo, Season 9, Grand Final,
    Searchin for that first win, was Lodden and Negreanu
    Mercier and Cody hopin' to pioneer a title pair
    Smoke finally cleared, only O'Dwyer in that chair

    So the jinx lives on, even after 9 years,
    We've never seen a double, gotta say that's kinda weird
    Matter of time indeed, it might be seen in Season 10
    Sit back, enjoy the ride as that new season begins

    Ride on the river...on the river
    Ridin high on the river...on the river
    Live and die on the river...on the river
    No surprise on the river, you can cry me a river

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