Frontline Documentary On Mormons

Samuel the Utahnite

by Samuel the Utahnite

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This documentary will be shown April 30 and May 1, 2007, on PBS stations around the world. Let's hope it isn't some bullshit whitewashing of the "Mormon Truth."

I don't care if they point out good things in Mormonism(which are very few and far between), but if they don't point out the bad, I'll be very pissed off and the first to point them out.

I, along with Demon and others are planing a podcast response to this documentary no matter how it comes out. We will address all of the issues brought up and tell the "real truth", so that there won't be any confusion and people will know what Mormons really believe and have taught.

By the way, Demon of Kolob and myself are both lifelong members and former Mormon missionaries.


mormon, dangerous way...
By bishouepsss 8 years ago
Superb video. Thks you. Adama
By Koloborder 8 years ago