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    HaRts et GMX parlent de l'arrivée de shox chez Clan-Mystik


    par RedacVaKarM

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    English translation : So yeah, it's official, your fifth player is shox, got something to say ?

    GMX : Yes, I'm really happy to welcome shox in our team. Some people will say that it isn't a logic choice but for me it is. He's free because he's not going to LDLC. So yes, I think it's a really good pick, he's really calm and really motivated. He's going to boost us. We're gonna learn a lot from him, thanks to his experience with Titan and he's own experience because he's a really good player, that's something that we can't deny. Yeah, I'm really happy to welcome shox with us.

    HaRts : Yes, of course we're happy. Also, who'll not be happy to welcome one of the best player in the world ? So yes, he's gonna bring a lot to us. He's really motivated. I was a little scared that he was not, but he is. He still want to be involved in the game. We're gonna try to learn from him, his CS:GO experience and we'll try our best with him. : Have you already played with him ? You've discuss more, right ?

    GMX : Yeah, I have talked a lot with him, we were on Mumble. It happened really naturally, we talked about a lot of things. The team, he gave me his opinion, I gave him mine. We made one night of pracc with him, nothing to say, it was good. We've been able to prepare something. It has been a moment since we've played all together and try things on a server. I've really appreciate that, playing as a team, in pracc at least. Because it has been a long moment since I had that sensation where we made a productive play, because with HaRts schedule, he couldn't play. I'm not saying that our pracc with kennyS was bad. I'm just saying that shox is bringing something new and good. It's really good to have someone like him in a team.