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    Devil Beside You - Eps 4 (3/3)


    by Maddie

    8 549 views


    iansmom it worked for me. SPOILERS!!! this is a breif summary for those who could not get it to play!

    she wen tto his house to tak ecare of him. he kissed her twice. she discovered he tried to eat some of the cake even though he said he wouldn't an dthey got a prank call from a scary guy who looked almost like a young version of ahmon...dun dun dun
    the girls went shopping an dthe pretty one bought too small shoes for her date with ah yi. and ahmon and yue yue went to an amusement park with the parents
    qingzi's feet hurt from her shoes so yuanyi (ah yi) bought her new ones. also they ran into her ex boyfriend who cheated on her. ah yi comforts her sappiness ensues... other ppl feel free to fill int th eblanks becuase this got too long :-P
    thankx for uploading maddie! thanks whoever did the subs!
    By Simone9 years ago
    pareil, je n'arrive pas a le voir en entier !!!
    est ce que quelqu'un pourrait me dire où je peux télécharger tous les episodes de Devil Beside You en entier et sous titré ???
    By Kawaï9 years ago
    Has anyone else had a problem with this one not loading? I hate to miss part of the show and really hope this straightens itself out so I can watch it. I mean it's only 25 minutes, but something good might happen!
    By Donna9 years ago