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    Being emo


    by gaille2huggz

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    coment devenir emo c portnawak
    By romano34108 years ago
    just noncense...!!! please get a life...
    By suay_9998 years ago
    EMO = FAG
    By Gilles9 years ago
    Ignorant shit written for bigots. this 'joke' is so old. Yeh this is a stereotype, it's just as funny as taking the piss out of any sterotype. If your gonna do it atleast make it funny. The emo hysteria has spread global and some people are emotional but don't appreciate being branded into a sterotype so severe. Hmm, Caring, sensitive are qualities - much better then ignorance and apathy found in the more 'common man/woman'

    A rant, and this isnt something to be taken seriously you might think. You might think I am an emo. Well then I'm just following rule number 9. Think what you like. This crap popping up I just happen to be tired of. If you want to mock a sterotype how about chavs, I never recall being beaten up or seeing anyone being beaten up by an emo, an emo never insulted me, or stole from me. Hmm, Give me an emo over that any day.
    By mike9254u9 years ago