Militants fight over Syria oilfields in east


by PressTV

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An outdoor market selling a precious yet illegal commodity, this is the gathering of all the oil dealers in northeastern Syria. That is the oil rich area where this blessing has turned into a curse for the locals.
All the oil seen here is illegally extracted from oil fields that fell out of the Syrian government's control and is now sold to the highest bidder for a price much lower than the real one. But for these men working in this new trade, the price isn't that low. Children on the side of the road selling fuel are almost a common sight in many cities of eastern Syria. Here in Hasak, they sell fuel of two kinds: regular Iraqi that is brought from Iraq and Anusra gas which is produced here in Syria. Even in areas under the Syrian government control, the lack of transportation means has caused many to resort to what they call militant fuel. The need for transport that drives all sectors of economic activity has led many of the residents in eastern Syria to resort to smuggled or illegally produced fuel, a phenomenon that has more dangers than meet the eye.