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We're living in an era in which the world is in need of peace, friendship, and solidarity more than ever. The tensions and conflicts that defined the twentieth century continue in this new century as well, and innocent people all around the world continue to suffer from them.

Despite the urgent need for solidarity and cooperation, certain circles are inciting conflict, particularly conflict between the world's two greatest and deep-rooted civilizations. This issue needs to be scrutinized, as the war of civilizations that they envisage would have disastrous consequences for humanity. One of the best ways of preventing such a disaster is to strengthen the solidarity and cooperation between these civilizations. This is not a hard task, as there are no fundamental differences between Islamic world and the Western world. On the contrary, - as we will put forward the proofs throughout this book- there is much common ground in between the Islamic civilization and the Judeo-Christian culture that constitutes the foundation of the Western civilization. Finding solution to the problems of the world in cooperation will not be difficult by taking this common ground as basis. Especially when taking the current situation and the nature of the world's problems into consideration.

Today, ideological struggles, indeed, continue to divide the world. However, Muslims are not at one pole and Jews and Christians are not at the opposing pole. In fact, one pole represents people who believe in the existence and unity of Allah, and the other pole represents the unbelievers, who believe in such anti-religious ideologies as materialism and Darwinism. There is only one way to defeat the alliance of the various groups of unbelievers on an ideological level: eradicate the negative and destructive influences of Darwinist, atheist and anti-religious materialism and further the cause of a society dominated by morality, happiness, tranquility, security, and prosperity. This will be done by forming an alliance of all conscientious people, namely, sincere Christians, along with religious Jews and Muslims, who will come together and unite in this common cause.

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