Unhappy meal

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"Unhappy Meal", a disturbing look at McDonald's shot on digital video and film. R Room's visual and graphical style come together featuring their very own Evil Ronald. Set to music, Unhappy Meal is more a humorous visual metaphor then hard hitting behind the scenes journalism, but the message is the same. People have genuine concerns about certain issues, and when corporations control the media, there is no discussion, only advertising. Beats by Patooihed. www.rroom.org One fact often questioned from this video is how many Mcdonalds are opened hourly by Mcdonalds. At the time of the vide Mc D's had opened 2000 in one year. 8760 hours in a year. Do the math. Check Mcdonalds corporate website for 2007 totals.


cette video est excellente:
c'est tres visuel et artistique, et le message est tres sain (avis aux amateurs)
Le Fond et la Forme sont respectes dans ta video ;)

This video is excellent: it's very visual and artistic, and the message is very healthy (opinions to the amateurs) The Bottom and the Form are respected in your video;)
By Frenchie_en_Exil 7 years ago
i don't eat at Macdonald, but still its business. Good on them and bad on customers and the enviroment
By John smith 7 years ago
i stopped eating at muc donalds, and i never will again after that vid, thanks.
By al 7 years ago
Look Super Size Me!
By Julygez 7 years ago

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