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    My Little Disney: Passamashloddy

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    Urg... it's been a while. I've got too much to talk about to put here, so I'll work up an info video and post it later this week. For now, suffice to say that school sucks but is nearly over, and I'll have a lot more time soon.

    For now let's talk about this song. We're introduced to the other villains of the movie and I've never had a casting hand-delivered to me so neatly. Much like Fluttershy's singing with animals in the last set, the Flim Flam Brothers ACTUALLY GOT A SONG ABOUT SELLING MIRACLE TONICS! They even had Silver Shill to the exact same fake-crutches thing! If it weren't for one small storm cloud, this would have been the easiest song I've ever done.

    You see, apparently this song doesn't properly exist. There are only three videos on Youtube for it, and each one HAS DIFFERENT LYRICS! I don't mean they're different songs; they each have the same song but chopped up and the parts rearranged! I looked up the lyrics from the movie, and none of these three videos were synced right!

    What's more, they each had a different name for the song! Even the Wikipedia page had it listed as both "Passamaquaddy" and "Passamashloddy"! It's like no one knows what this song is supposed to be!

    So I had to chop and rearrange the music myself to try and get it as close to the movie as I could. If you hear some weird breaks in the audio where the sound changed, that's why. It's literally three songs I've cut apart and stitched together like some strange Frankenstein song.

    I do not own My Little Pony or Disney, so what, big whoop, wanna fight about it?