London's British Library hosts UK's biggest comics exhibition

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They might be most associated with heroes like Superman.

But a new exhibition at London's British Library aims to reveal the secrets behind some of the world's most popular graphic stories.

"Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK" celebrates the impact British comic book artists and writers have had on the international scene.

Adrian Edwards is the lead curator of Printed Historical Sources at The British Library.

SOUNDBITE: Lead Curator Of Printed Historical Sources at The British Library, Adrian Edwards, saying (English):

"What we want to do is show that comics are a valuable resource for understanding Britain and its society in past decades and centuries so."

The exhibition rolls through six sections, including Mischief and Mayhem and Breakdowns: The Outer Limits of Comics.

It also looks at the influence comic books have had on issues like racism and domestic violence.

But it does not just focus on the contemporary comic book.