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    Urethane Igloo for Sale in Alaska

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    An iconic tourist destination in Alaska is now up for sale.

    Looking to buy some property in Alaska? You could consider an iconic tourist destination that’s up for sale. The 80-foot high urethane igloo can be purchased for 300 grand.

    The igloo is a common sight and stopping point for tourists traveling the Parks Highway while heading to Denali National Park and Preserve. The structure was erected 20 miles away from the nearest town of Cantwell about 40 years ago.

    Situated on a 38-acre site, the project was never completed. That land is now part of the sale package. While there is great potential for the urethane igloo, it never really served as much besides a photo opportunity.

    The structure is now boarded up, thanks to damage by vandals who set off firecrackers inside.

    Despite the not-so-pleasant aspects, property owner Brad Fisher says the right person who is willing to dedicate some serious time and money to the project will be able to revamp it and possibly make a nice profit.

    He suggests it could be a visually appealing, unique seasonal restaurant. The downside to that is the buyer will have to spend millions of dollars getting it up to code.

    Fisher has owned the igloo since 1996. He’s put it on the market numerous times in the past 6 years, but no deal ever went through.