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    Replica of King Tut’s Tomb Is a Big Hit With Tourists

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    A replica of King Tut’s tomb recently became the focal point of tourists in Egypt. The tomb was unveiled on a recent Wednesday in Luxor.

    A replica of King Tut’s tomb was recently unveiled in Luxor and tourism officials hope it will become a focal point for tourists in Egypt.

    The process behind the creation involved modern 3-D imaging to ensure that no detail was missed. The walls of the original tomb were scanned to make the replica an identical-appearing reality, right down to the rough textures and colors.

    Discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, King Tut’s tomb has been open to the public for 9 decades and will remain so indefinitely. Authorities however, plan to encourage tourists to view the less expensive replica situated near Carter’s home, which is now a museum.

    Decades of tourists have taken a toll on the original tomb, and experts hope the new one, which includes exhibits detailing Carter’s discovery, will offer a comparable experience.

    Adam Lowe, a director at Factum Arte, the company involved in the 3D imaging behind the new tomb stated ‘We are using new recording systems to monitor the decay of the originals.. The reason the tomb looks and feels the same from a normal viewing distance is the exact recreation of surface and color.’