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    Top 4 Celebrity Stories of the Day

    Wochit Headline News

    by Wochit Headline News

    Even Barack Obama is getting in on the joke! It's the time of the year that Justin Timberlake's face floods the internet and it looks like the POTUS is no exception! He took to his Facebook page to post a recent pic of him with JT and the caption is what makes the whole thing! He said along with the pic, "It's gonna be May."
    We're pretty sure President Obama is the only one in the WORLD that can make this joke without annoying Justin!
    Barbara Pentz , aka Diplo's mom, gave a pretty telling interview about her son's relationship with Katy Perry. In it, she actually accused them of dating one another for publicity. She dished: “I don’t think it’s a big deal right now. He hasn’t discussed it with me, but he did with his dad. He said ‘we’re just hanging out. We’re just friends right now.’ He doesn’t seem to be making a big deal about it. I wondered if it was a publicity stunt. It did occur to me. They both do like the cameras."
    Werk, Jennifer Lawrence! The 23-year-old actress kicks more butt than ever in the latest X Men: Days of Future Past clip, which gives the first non-trailer look at the actress as Mystique. The clip opens as Boliver Trask played by Peter Dinklage, presents his new weapon system before a mutant in the room activates the alarm. Cue J.Law swiftly shifting into action mode, taking down a room full of military men in some seriously impressive stunts. And of course, it's impossible not to notice her flawless figure in that skintight blue body suit as she proves what a badass she can truly be.
    French Montana isn't allowed in France?? Khloe Kardashian is reportedly begging to bring her hot and heavy rapper boyfriend to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 's upcoming wedding in France… But none of her siblings, or mom Kris Jenner , want him there—because they don’t approve of the relationship. A source close to the family revealed: Khloe wants to bring French to Kim's wedding in Paris….however, Kim is pushing back because she doesn't like him at all. Momager Kris Jenner has also weighed in, saying it's too soon to bring French to family functions.