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    The Contender - Muay Thai

    Colargol Ours

    by Colargol Ours

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    Mark Burnett is kicking "The Contender" franchise into a whole new sport.
    He's launching Skein's first international spinoff, featuring the kickboxing discipline of Muay Thai in Thailand, in partnership with Imagine OmniMedia.

    "The Contender Muay Thai" will begin production later this year.

    Sixteen fighters will compete for the ultimate prize of becoming "The Contender."

    The series will air on Channel 5 in Thailand; discussions also are ongoing with networks in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

    "Our format will fit perfectly with the international phenomenon of Muay Thai, and we have plans to bring the series to several other countries to orchestrate a true worldwide competition," Burnett says.