62 Teens Arrested After High School Prank

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Exactly 62 students at a Teaneck High School in New Jersey were recently taken into police custody. The seniors are being accused of breaking into their school after hours, flipping desks over, greasing door handles and urinating in the hallways.

There are some pranks that go too far. 62 students at Teaneck High School in New Jersey were recently taken into police custody.

"We’ve some desks flipped over. We’ve vaseline and some other substances applied to the various areas of the school as well as there was some urine located in the hallways." [WNBC]

It was approximately 2:30 in the morning when the students triggered the burglar alarm.

The police responded immediately and upon arrival, they found dozens of seniors still inside the school, some of whom were doing their best to hide. The cops immediately noticed the facility was trashed.

Balloons were scattered throughout the building, urine was all over the floor and petroleum jelly had been smeared on door handles. Although some of the teens attempted to run away, police were able to apprehended most if not all of them involved in the crime.

Nearly a dozen local law enforcement agencies responded to the scene and it still wasn’t enough. Despite numerous squad cars, it took police multiple trips to transport all the arrested teens to jail.

A few of the students told cops they had been taking part in a senior prank. The teens, many of whom are juveniles, could face charges of burglary and criminal mischief.