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    NQ Arbuckle - The Civil War Is Over


    by SixShooterRecords

    From the album "The Future Happens Anyway" released on Six Shooter Records (2014).


    The civil war is over
    Go back to your corners
    The losers always want to fight things over
    He still rides to town on a pale horse

    Give me all your anger
    And I'll bury it like a treasure
    900 miles from Gettysburg
    In the heart of a Muskoka soldier

    Who rides past Kelsey's strip bar
    Who doesn't believe in Walmart
    As a kid he'd rebel yell through Algonquin park
    Chasing ghosts into the deep dark

    Into the deep dark
    Into the deep dark

    He still lives in the same cabin
    Johnny Rebel at 14
    Johnny Lunatic at 85
    He'll never see the South rise
    He's always on the loosing side

    But nothing is over
    In the dog days of summer
    The pale horse moves a little slower
    While tourists drink at Kelsey's strip bar

    Nothing is over
    Nothing is over