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    Zarafshan Interview about .Salehi Arrest


    by KZ

    Iranian Political Activist Mr. Zar Afshan Interviewed
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    Iranian Political Activist Mr. Zar Afshan who was recently released from the infamous Evin prison is interviewed about Mr. Salehi's arrest by the Iranian Secret Police.

    An expanded Audio Only version of this report:

    Basic Translation: Mr. Zar Afshan is warning the Islamic Republic rulers about how their tyranny will be opposed and resisted and destroyed by the Iranian nationalists. Islamic Secret Police can arrest, torture and execute hundreds of thousands of Iranians, but we will not stop resisting or seeking our “democratic rights” and “freedom of thought”.

    This interview was conducted at Section 33 of the Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery outside Tehran, Iran where hundreds of political victims and prisoners are buried.

    Mr. Zar Afshan reminds the Islamic Republic that just like these dead prisoners who are now buried in Section 33, there are millions more ready to take up their place and fight for their freedom and inalienable rights. History has proven that dictatorships cannot be sustained forever, just like many other examples that we have seen in our own history as well as others.