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Halo 3: people = $h!t

Kasey Yeagley

by Kasey Yeagley

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When this trailer came out, i noticed alot of people were making edited versions of it with diffrent songs in it. I decided to make my own as well. In this, i put slipknot's people=****.

Note: I don't care if you hate slipknot, i honesty could care less. If your going to say they suck and you could think of a million better songs to use instead, im just going to ignore you.


This be my fav song but with a greAt video.........
By Hellhound78786 4 years ago
Here we go again, motherf*** !!!
Nice one !
By ThanosLPN 7 years ago
sorry, i dont realy good speak english but is that an amv or the song is with the trailer? (i lke so slipknot, dont smash me)
By monstermunche 7 years ago