Night manoeuvres in Kyiv reflect increasing tension in the capital

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Under the cover of darkness Ukrainian State Guards have been patrolling government areas of Kyiv.

But it was not for real – instead it was organised to get the troops – who are usually responsible for protecting administrative buildings – prepared in case the unrest elsewhere in the country spreads.

Chief Valeriy Heletey,explained the thinking behind the night manoeuvres

“Presidential elections are coming, so the temperature in society is rising and what with the annexation of Crimea and situation in the South East of Ukraine, in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, everywhere is tense. This is why we have decided to hold the drills.”

Armed men blocked roads, snipers assumed positions, tanks were on the move.

Normally in May the country holds military parades to mark the end of World War II – not this year. Ukraine is too preoccupied with its own modern day battles.