[TRICK] How to Get Unlimited Facebook Credits for Games and Ads - NO SOFTWARE NEEDED

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Hey this is Crack,

You probably remember my last video with the Facebook Credits Generator that I created, It got canned if you hadn't noticed. So we made another Facebook credits Generator and that one went down too (Thanks Facebook!).

Facebook Credits Generator - http://smarturl.it/4dtsyn

Anyway now were back, and with our own site! So that basically means any more server problems and we won't have as much downtime like before. (But as always get all the Facebook Credits you can while you can because anything can happen, be smart about this).

Anyway were still working on the site so don't laugh at us it'll look better within the next week, Promise! (lol)

This is probably the only working Facebook Credits Generator out that actually works, so hopefully we'll get a lot of visitors to our site, and I really hope you guys enjoy this, I worked soooo HARD... seriously I didn't sleep for like 2 months.

(Oh and one more thing the video is our original video, as You can see people stole it and used it as their own all over. I really just wanted to get my Facebook Credits Generator on YouTube as quick as possible cuz like I said before anything could happen so I wanted to do this fast. Expect a new video by next wee also guys. We Only Like Quality!).

Anyway again Enjoy this Facebook Credits Generator and leave your comment below after you've tried it, also subscribe to this channel.

Thanks Man,
Facebook Credits Generator Website (Under Construction) - http://smarturl.it/4dtsyn

Facebook Credits Generator Download -http://smarturl.it/4dtsyn

Get Your Free Facebook Credits Here: http://smarturl.it/4dtsyn

I found out about this site last night while looking for Free Facebook Credits on Google. I've tried many Free Facebook Credits sites, fan pages, generators, etc, but this is the only site that has actually worked for me giving out Free Facebook Credits that actually work. Try to get as many Free Free Facebook Credits before they close the site down or something. Enjoy! :)

Note: This Video complies with YouTube's TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Facebook Credits. Facebook owns Facebook Credits. This is for educational purposes only! What you do with this tool is up to you.

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Free Facebook Credits: How To Get Facebook Credits For Free [2014]

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