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Voiced by Dodger:
Animated by Zenith Quinn:
Written by Mylo


Bethesda's first game was the football simulator, Gridiron!. The realistic physics engine of Gridiron! led to a partnership with EA's John Madden Football. Unfortunately, their partnership ended poorly and led to a lawsuit alleging EA stole the physics engine of Gridiron!.

The first entry of the Elder Scrolls series, Arena, was originally conceived as a tournament-style gladiator game. However, the developers, inspired by the open-ended campaigns of their weekly Dungeons & Dragons sessions and games like Legends of Valour and Ultima Underworld, abandoned the entire tournament concept and re-designed Arena to become a first-person RPG.

Unlike most MMOs, Elder Scrolls Online uses a mega server, which drops all users in one server rather than multiple ones. This system also allows players to find their friends quickly and quest with like-minded gamers while eliminating common issues of overpopulation and laggy servers.


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