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    $500,000 New Home Could Be Brought Down

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    Louis Cherry and his wife obtained a building permit and started construction on their dream home, but when a neighbor hired a lawyer and complained, the couple's building permit was revoked leaving the future uncertain.

    The dream of building a house can all too often turn into a nightmare. Louis Cherry and his wife set their sights on a historic Oakwood neighborhood, near the center of Raleigh, North Carolina.

    They purchased a parcel of land in the area on Euclid Street. Of course, they wanted to place a house on the plot, but the process wasn’t exactly easy.

    The Oakwood Historic District contains beautiful older houses from the 19th- and 20th-century. In order to preserve the nostalgic element, the Raleigh Historic Development Commission oversees new construction.

    Louis Cherry, who is a popular architect in the area, decided that the style of his house would be basic. His design showcased a simple two story home with nothing that stood out or could be considered modern.

    After a four-hour long hearing, the Historic Development Commission agreed the house wouldn’t tarnish the neighborhood and granted the couple legal permission to build. However once construction began, a neighbor across the street, real-estate agent Gail Wiesner, hired a lawyer to appeal the commission’s decision.

    In February of this year, the house was already partially built and that’s when the Board of Adjustment voted in favor of there being ‘no rational basis’ to approve the house. The also revoked Cherry and his wife’s building permit.

    Cherry said he wished he’d hired his own attorneys sooner and his wife noted that the battle has resulted in significant additional expense. Thus far the situation remains unresolved.