Iraqis go to polls to choose next parliament


by PressTV

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Millions of Iraqi voters have headed to polling stations across the country for the first parliamentary election after the withdrawal of U-S troops.
The election campaign has been marred by waves of violence and bloodshed. And voters say they expect the main outcome of the election to be a better security situation. The violence has already claimed scores of lives this month. It’s been blamed on al-Qaeda-affiliated group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Malaki has accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of fanning the flames of violence in his country. Apart from security concerns, Iraqis also want better health care and a better economy. Many Iraqis feel that the people in power live a luxurious life style and aren’t able to relate to the problems of ordinary people. There have also been some claims of voting irregularities. . Press TV has talked to one man responsible for patrolling the polls. And he says vote cheating is just impossible. Results for the election are expected to come out within the next few days. But officials say they should have an idea of who is in the lead by Thursday. There are over 9,000 candidates running in this race for only 328 parliamentary seats.