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    US-led secret prisons shut down in Afghanistan


    by PressTV

    A fact-finding mission appointed by President Hamid Karzai to find the details of secret prisons in Afghanistan has presented its findings to Afghan media. The prisons were run by U-S-led forces across the country and were closed down following a decree issued by president Karzai.
    Kandahar is the birth-place of the Taliban insurgents and is still a very dangerous place. U-S forces have their second largest military base there. British forces in the nearby Helmand province have also set up Camp Bastion . But both American and British troops were running six jails inside their bases. The Afghan government has also strongly condemned their existence The fate of the detainees is next. The government here is now going to check the files of all inmates who have been kept in foreign prisons. It is unclear why they have been detained. What is also not clear is that how long they have been inside the cells. U-S-led military officials here in Kabul have not reacted yet to the findings of President Karzai’s appointed investigative team. But the question which is lingering in the minds of many here is why President Karzai has decided in his last days in office to go after NATO-run jails. Is he really concerned about the fate of those who are behind bars or his own personal legacy?