My Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain-Sam Lanin Orchestra


by Lou

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My Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain By The Ipana Troubadours(Sam Lanin) on CoV 2271D,NY,Aug 12-1930.Vocal by Scrappy Lambert.


I'm fond of Lanin's peppy arrangements.... and Scrappy's vocal is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this exquisite interpretation!
By kspm0220s Last year
Many thnks for this immensely enjoyable upload. Without claiming to be a fully fledged twitcher, I hasten to assure folk that the Eastern bluebird of North America (Sialia sialis, beautifully illustrated here) is entirely different from the Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata), which is a member of the crow family. As the state bird of Missouri and New York, the bluebird even has a fan club of its own http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/ ! Are Blue Jays so Bolshie because they're jealous, I wonder? If so, with their higher IQ they should be able to accept life philosophically...;-)
By TigerTimpani Last year
Used to get a lot of birds using my bird bath - I enjoyed them much. Some of them were Blue Birds.............
By Art Howard Last year
By Genia Last year
Scrappy is Scrumptious and the song is Wonderful.
I don't know if Bluebird is another name for Blue Jay but Blue Jays are vicious and attack.
I like birds, but I keep away from Blue Jays.
By Genia Last year
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