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Faction Skis presents WE ARE THE FACTION COLLECTIVE. #S01E03 - Ski

il y a 4 ans961 views

After a busy winter season, the team met in La Clusaz, France to enjoy the spring weather and explore the endless possibilities of the Balme area.

Featuring : Candide Thovex, Arnaud Rougier, Adam Delorme, Tim McChesney, Tom Granier, Dan Hanka, Pablo Schweizer, Ian Borgeson, Alex Hall, Corey Vanular & Andy Matthew

Location : Balme, La Clusaz

Editing and cinematography : Etienne Mérel

Additional filmers : Bokeh Production // Bluemaxmedia

Song : Raury - God’s Whisper // weraur.com

We would like to thank : Damien Duport & La Clusaz ski resort, Anna Smoothy, Sport Boutique, François Pollet-Thioller.

Find more about us on factionskis.com/en/ // facebook.com/faction // twitter.com/factionskis // instagram.com/factionskis

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Faction Skis presents WE ARE THE FACTION COLLECTIVE. #S01E03 - Ski
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