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Written by Phil

Voiced by Octopimp:

Animated by Zeurel:


A millenia ago, the continent of Faerun hosted a powerful and wicked reptilian race known as the Sarrukh. They ruled the vast jungles until an ice age enveloped Faerun, wiping out the cruel reptiles except for their queen, Morag, and her subjects. They escaped to an alternate dimension using a magical device, the Source Stone, and there they bided their time until they could return to rule Faerun once more.

Thousands of years later, Neverwinter is unwittingly built atop the Source Stone which, upon its discovery, released a plague dubbed the Wailing Death that crippled the city, prompting Neverwinter's enemy to the north, Luskan, to wage a war sponsored by Morag herself. Morag is defeated and the fighting ceases thanks to a mysterious adventurer. A second plot to conquer Neverwinter, this time with an undead army, is derailed by another mysterious adventurer, but a century later, a fire primordial finally does Neverwinter in for good.

This fiery ancient's awakening resulted in the eruption of a nearby volcano that completely obliterates Neverwinter. Yet, survivors have returned to settle around the ruins that was once their home. With the survivors struggling to rebuild amidst the threat of foul beasts and nefarious plots, Lord Neverember hopes to recruit more mysterious adventurers to help restore Neverwinter to its former glory as the Jewel of the North.

Have fun!

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