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    Lionel Richie - Sela


    by Walis

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    Petit Younes
    You know sometimes I sit and wonder
    Just how this world would be
    If we had all the people laughing
    And everybody living in harmony
    We'd have to say sela sela
    Talking to the people sela, sela

    There would be no more living in desperation
    And no more hatred and deceit
    Tell me, can you imagine
    All the children playing
    And everyone dancing in the street
    We say sela, sela
    Talking to yourself sela, sela

    You play it for the people
    Yeah, for the people
    It's time for everyone
    To come together
    I know it's hard
    But this dream must come to light on
    Because tonight should be
    One big celebration
    By Petit Younes7 years ago
    Petit Younes

    I'm talking to you now
    Only we can make things right

    We say sela, sela, sela, sela baby
    Talk about, sing about, talk about sela
    Talk about sela
    Oh the children
    Tell me about the children
    We've got to help them now to survive
    Well, one world
    One heart is our salvation
    Let us keep the dream alive

    We say sela, sela, sela
    I know sela, I know sela, sela, sela ...
    By Petit Younes7 years ago
    Une de mes préférées de Lionel Richie, je ne connaissais pas ce clip. Merci; Thank you very much
    By CRICRIDAMOUR948 years ago
    never mind .. don't bother
    i just download it from here and convert it to avi
    .. but thanks any way man , if it was'nt for you
    i could never have got it ... tnx
    By scoopfas9 years ago
    oh finally there's a video for this song on the web
    >> please i want this video can you send it to me
    my e-mail is pleeeeeeeeeeeez
    By scoopfas9 years ago
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