PS4 vs. XBOX ONE! CGR video game console deathmatch!

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What's better, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One (the 1st one)? Let CGR know here! Classic Game Room video game review of Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4 is live here! CGR asks the big questions. PS4 vs. Xbox One (the 1st one), which is the better video game console?


._. they barely came out how can you say one is better because of games... you troll lol but I do think this whole console war is stupid just pick your console (or consoles) and play what ever the duck you want.... the end :D
he meant xbox 360, alright so yea 360.
By N/A May
Xbox always wins. But atm i do not care for XBOX one. Next 2 consoles im buying are PS2 and Xbox 360.
By N/A May
Omg I have that half xbox!!! lol. Not touching that xb1 crap though that's for sure.
By amzigzag April
Mark you're my hero.

Xbox One is a stupid name and you're making that clear.
By azonec April
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