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    Bobs Game - Kickstarter - Infamous Indie RPG - Mix of Zelda , Harvest moon , Pokemon and Earthbound


    by planetlotb


    The infamous cult Action RPG by one person- The last great 16-bit game! A mix of "Zelda," "Pokemon," "Harvest Moon," and "Earthbound."

    What is "bob's game?"

    "bob's game" is a Multiplayer Adventure RPG for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android (Phones, Tablets, OUYA, nVidia Shield, Kindle TV, and more!)

    "bob's game" is a forerunner and founder of the indie games movement, originally announced in 2008 for the Nintendo DS, campaigning against the treatment of developers by the big console companies, and overshadowed by the incredible success of Minecraft and games like Angry Birds on the iPhone App Store.