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    Deadly tornadoes sweep across central and southern United States

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    At least 12 people have been killed in a series of tornadoes in the south-central United States.. Rescue workers searched through the night among the rubble for survivors.

    Eight of the victims said, one official were in the town of Little Rock in Arkansas

    One person was killed in Quapaw in Oklahoma where half the town of 900 people was badly damaged.

    The states of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri were also caught in the path of the twisters along with Arkansas and Oklahoma with one leaving a 65 kilometre trail of destruction.

    One witness reported a tornado almost one kilometre wide crossing a major motorway.

    Entire neighbourhoods were, according to authorities wiped out with power lines down, trees ripped up and roads blocked making rescue efforts hazardous.

    Over the weekend storms also struck the eastern part of the US killing a child in North Carolina.