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    Omega - Hungarian Folk Song .1968

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    Omega Red Star (Omega) - From Hungary in 1968 (Hungary, Psychedelic Rock, Folk-Rock)
    Artist: Omega Red Star (Omega)
    Location: Hungary
    Album: From Hungary
    Released: 1968
    Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Fol-Rock
    Duration: 36:23

    Omega - the most famous Hungarian musical group. Omega has achieved huge international success with entries in different languages ??and tours around the UK and Germany. Their song «Gyongyhaju lany» («The pearls in her hair") became an international hit. Founded in September 1962 in Budapest, Laszlo Benke, Janos Kobori and Joseph Lauks after the merger of the two music groups of students in secondary schools. Besides them, the original band were Kovacic Andras, Istvan Tamas Kyunstler and Varshani. The name "Omega" group gave one of the organizers of their concerts. In 1966 came the first single «Paint it black» (a cover version of The Rolling Stones). In 1967 a group came and Tamas Mihaly Gabor Presser, who began writing songs for the group. There followed a string of singles, followed in 1968 in Budapest, during a performance, "Omega" (the opening) with groups of Spenser Davis Group and Traffic at them drew the attention of English manager John Martin. Hungarians called Omega Red Star (marketing reasons) were invited to tour the UK, where soon the studio was recorded by Decca Records, their first album "From Hungary" (1968, first recording groups from Eastern Europe in the West). At concerts in London, a group of note and congratulate Eric Clapton and George Harrison. The group acts on the air broadcasting BBC. In Hungary, the album was released titled Trombitas Fredi es a rettenetes emberek (in Hungarian) on the label Hungaroton, and next year, has sold 100,000 copies. Lyrics written student Anna Adamish (Adamis Anna), future wife of Joseph Lauks, sometimes disguised under the pseudonym "Istvan S.Nagy", and the music - Gabor Presser. The album has done a lot of noise while - no one could not imagine that behind the Iron Curtain played rock, but still so professional! Western critics predicted a great future for the group, but the Communist Party of Hungary tried and Future Omega spoiled ... In 1971, Joseph and Gabor Presser Lauks left the «Omega» and created his own project Locomotiv GT, and joined the band drummer Ferenc Debrecen, who joined the group Neoton. Presented to the album, almost all the tracks - in English (except one - in Hungarian, and one - instrumental).

    - Gabor Presser - composer, organ, flute, vocals
    - Jozsef Laux - drums
    - Tamas Mihaly - bass, vocals
    - Gyorgy Molnar - lead guitar
    - Laszlo Benko - piano, trumpet, flute, citero
    - Janos Kobor - rhythm guitar, vocals