Weird cover-up at the BBC?!

Paul Denchfield
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The BBC fired me for no good reason, watch the video for proof. These words 'frozen indigo angel' were inserted into my work and are cropping up all over the place. What's going on and why wont the BBC admit to it? Does it go beyond the BBC? If you see or hear these words *anywhere* please let me know:

Want to see more? Watch the Frozen Indigo Angel video group at


get a life
By womar 8 years ago
Frozen Indigo Angel - there you go you have seen them again. Get another job!
By shockparade 8 years ago
...or maybe you got fired for having multiple personalities and one of them writes "frozen indigo angel" all over crap
By calopeee 8 years ago
Maybe you weren't a good employee lol
By calopeee 8 years ago
Its not that wierd, it sound like a contrived marketing campaign. Radio 1 got boring a long time ago...
By Alastairward 8 years ago
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