John Cena Raps on Jay Z

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john cena kills jayz wen it comes to rap


Tres bien !!! :o ,,...........
By lovelyprity 4 years ago
that was straight up gangsta
By dowizzle999 5 years ago
now that's wwe before it went PG
By Jack The Wanking Jerk 5 years ago
I got Goldberg on my side, so if yall wanna rap battle and I get spit on, then guess what, I get like a Southerner to a Northerner Fly that Flag, and Fuck that Black and White Shit, Im Progressive, but Aint shit going forward to we rewind to the past and I point out the flaws in these punks. Now Stone Cold like I'm bringing the heat, Im like dont worry about the feast, we got Infinite Budweiser, I know they think their Bud aka chronic makes them weiser. I done been jumped without a partner to tag and the cops laughed, now for the Firefighters and soldiers in IRAQ I take off my hat, but for u public servants getting served u try to threaten me with ya words, at a kids game, u will live in the world of shame, really feel the recession, dude on the news lived on food stamps for a week, imagine hustling off of nothing for a month, flip music CDs like dudes do dope, no hope, still had to pay to boss, thats best buy, so keep ya tests, im buying music from best buy, Next....
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
this guy is a cunt
By dave crawley 6 years ago
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