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    Katy Perry and Biggest Celebs On Tinder


    by @hollywood



    Just goes v2 show the photoshopped world of Supermodeling in Public is not all TIT’s meant to be U PROSTITUTE YOURSELF IN PUBLIC BUT END UP WITH A REAL PHOTO OF YOU ON TINDER I AM DESPERATE 1 FUCK DATING WEBSITE AND YOU IGNORE YOUR HUSBAND
    Word of wisdom Hakim the sheep herder • 3 years ago Quote from UR old Boyfriend in
    It because her head is full of djinns. The cranial pressure from these evil entities of lubricity must have reached extreme levels, pushing her eyes and breasts outwards.
    I recommend ironing the breast like they do in africa : it would solve the frontal swelling and push back the djinn infestation back to the head, where they could be trepanated with a scimitar.
    Of course, it's very risky because some of the djinns may escape during the trepanning and will likely possess the other livestock. Maybe it's better to chop everything, burn the chubby infested bits, and buy a newer, fresher whore instead.
    This one is all worn out and I'm told she makes a lot of noise.
    That’s what the Muslin men really think of Katy Perry SEX symbol they want to murder you after they have waked over you-I warned you. Shake Shake Shake
    This naked photo of Katy Perry appears to be from an advertisement for either high heel shoes or Valtrex (unless of course in the next frame the Aflac duck pops his head out of Katy’s vagina).
    Regardless of the product being sold the message being conveyed in this Katy Perry naked picture is clear, dirty whores love getting nailed in high heel shoes.
    Katy Perry may feel sexy and saucy laying around naked in high heels, but she’ll wish she was wearing more practical footwear if a righteous Muslim man with his mighty stones of justice catch sight of her.
    Listening in a different tempo the words are better understood it’s all a load of old hat past is over never look back we are where we are and the future is untold but this moment sees me drifting off into a more secular world and I tried every day to pretend to be after the easiest close for a wife I have ever known as if we were strangers to keep Katy interested in the fact that I was trying to keep you knowing that although you read it you might not of believed it. Pretending each day was our first that we were new fresh exciting but above all I did it to keep you. Well that was the advice I got on a tumblr post card 'keep after her that way you will keep her'. Butt to continue to do something that is patently obviously not wanted or appreciated anymore smacks of madness. New tactics needed. Or I am never gonna get my fuck out of ya you frigid old tart it looks like I was spot on when I said your hotsex on fire period when your ex husband said Katy Perry was such a useless dead rag of a shag that he had to think of St Trinian school girls in skin tight jeans just to get through the ordeal of fucking the ball and chain as even the sex addict could not get turned on by Katy Perry 'Dead Rag' and I would get the grown up Katy who was no longer interested in joining in with anything sexy at all as although po:)or Rusty Rockets hated it at least he got it. So he did not fancy Ya but I do and get absolutely nothing. Which brings me to the next big love of Katy's life the cowboy singer who preferred to go and f..k the first bit of skirt that winked at him as Katy Perry continued to be 'the one that got away' each time she fell in love because she pushes the men in her life away. But I stayed and it won't be long before I am the longest lasting boyfriend she has had in the modern era. Why is that 'cause she's a Ghost' well you are singing Hot n Cold to me so just doing what I am told dear. But if your own thoughts create your own reality it matters not what I think as I have tried it all ways and still I see you as fucking useless as my personal whore. 'If you want it all you know that I am the Gurl that you should call' there Darling Heart I finished your sentence off for you and there we have Katy Perry LIAR provider of falsehoods and hopelessness butt let’s not air our sex life that does not exist in Public but keep that little secret in your GAY LESBIAN LOVE closet shall we? Just tell me what we did LAST FRIDAY NIGHT AND EVERY OTHER FRIDAY FOR A YEAR SHALL WE? NOTHING YOU STINKING CUNT. I won't be buying or listening to the new Album thank you as you write the most hopeless pile of old shite words I have ever heard in my life and I only listened to the words at your insistence because I love the Music only the words are PORNOGRAPHY you were so distant to me and it’s all C. R. A. P. just your fantasy you sexless DOG. YOU HAVE COMPLETELY SHATTERED THE ILLUSIONS MEN HAVE OF CALIFORNIA GURLS AND YOU WERE THEIR REPRESENTATIVE BUT I AM TELLING THE UNIVERSAL MIND RIGHT NOW SO THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS YOU ARE PREPARED TO PROSTITUTE YOURSELF IN PUBLIC AND FRIGID IN PRIVATE. AND AT THE BEGINNING I TOLD YOU I LIKED WATCHING LESBIANS AND WELL FUCK YOURSELF WITH A TEDDY BEAR OR BUTTERS YOUR DOG
    [UPDATE: On May 24, Perry took Twitter to clarify that the interview published over the weekend was conducted several years ago. "It's really inappropriate when journalists repurpose interviews done 3 yrs ago in context of promoting a film & then stamp a new date on it," she tweeted.]
    Katy Perry very famously revealed in 2013 that Russell Brand shared the news of their divorce with her via text in December 2011. And it turns out that while they still haven't spoken to one another, she did share that she does still own the cat they bought together in happier times.
    "He hasn't spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce. I don't want to talk about him -- my songs will say what I need to say," she told the Daily Telegraph.
    She later added, "I still have the cat. But I've changed her name to Monkey." (The cat was previously been named Krusty, according to reports.)
    However that doesn't mean that Perry, isn’t open to love. "No, absolutely not. I'm excited by whatever it brings. I'm excited by my own evolution, I don't want to end up bittersweet," she said. "I have to evolve, I have to continue to push people's perceptions of me. As an artist I like to do that, keep people on the edge of their seats."
    Katy Perry's Next Album Due By 2016, Says Manager
    So does she think love and career are acheivable at the same time? "I think it can be for a modern woman. I always thought you could have a relationship and success," she said. "For a modern woman it's important to be supported and that there is equality in every aspect. And it's not two halves that make a whole. It's two wholes that make a whole."
    As for motherhood, Perry had this to share: "I'm still growing up, I'm still learning about myself," she said. "When I become a mother I just want to become a mother and be dedicated to that."
    • Katy Perry
    • “There’s only ever evolution. It’s not levels of success that have been the goal – I think anything that is true, honest and connective will always be successful. For me, it’s important to be brave and try new things. A lot of people have ideas about me, and that’s fine, I’m in no rush to prove anything to them. I feel like a chameleon, I can do many different things. I haven’t shown everyone all of them yet.”
    • — Katy Perry for Wonderland Magazine.
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