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    Rare Zebra Donkey Mix Born at Mexican Zoo

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    A zoo is Mexico is now home to an absolutely adorable creature. The animal is referred to as a zonkey, which is a cross between a donkey and a zebra.

    "A zonkey has been born. A rare cross between a zebra and a donkey." [ABC]

    A zoo in Mexico is now home to an absolutely adorable creature.

    The zonkey was born on April 21st at the Reynosa Zoo and his name is Khumba. The mother is a zebra while the dad is a blue-eyed albino donkey that lives on a local farm.

    Khumba is certainly cute, despite the bizarre ancestry. The animal resembles a zebra with similar facial features and body shape. Khumba has perfectly striped legs but the upper body is brown making it, at least sort of, look like a donkey.

    The strange part is that Khumba's father is all white. Khumba spends plenty of time chasing after its mother at the zoo.

    Khumba’s birth is a miracle because donkey and zebra chromosomes are incompatible. Zookeepers have said the baby wasn’t planned.

    Instead there is a sweet animal romance behind the birth. Khumba’s mother would visit his father every afternoon, and the donkey would also sneak into the zoo. Eventually the female zebra got pregnant, which both baffled and shocked zoo staffers.